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Tennessee Supreme Court

Rule 31 Listed Family and General Civil Mediator

Specially Trained in Domestic Violence Issues

Tipton, Lauderdale, Haywood, Fayette, Hardeman, Shelby, and other West Tennessee Counties

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Rule 31 Family & General Civil Mediation

Resolve It With Mediation in Memphis, TN and other parts of West Tennessee

Civil disputes that can be mediated:

    Insurance Claims
    Rental Disputes/ Landlord - Tennant Disputes /Real Estate / Property

    Property Management Disputes / Home Owner Association Issues

    Business Dissolution Disputes
    Special Education IEP Issues & Disputes
    Collections & other Contract Disputes
    Employer-Employee Disputes
    Foreclosures (refinance, loan modifications)
    Product Liability Disputes
    Personal Injury / Workmen's Compensation Claims & Disputes
    Professional Practice / Partnership Disputes
    Other Disputes such as:  Community disputes,  Construction & Contract


Family Law matters that can be mediated:

    Parenting Plans & Child Support
    Child Custody & Visitation
    Division of Marital Property
    Juvenile Court cases (except delinquency and dependent / neglect cases)
    Parenting Plan Modification
    Spousal Support
    Contempt of Court Cases (Post Divorce)